Trademarking Your Franchise Restaurant

Restaurant owners face a myriad of challenges today, from increasing competition to rising food costs. Among these challenges is another: building and maintaining your reputation and name. The name you have chosen for your quick service restaurant is its identity. Considering this, protecting your restaurant’s name with a trademark should be high on your priority list.

Although no business is legally required to register a trademark, failure to register can result in a loss of rights to your brand, should someone else come along and like what you have to offer and choose to mimic it. Unregistered trademarks are a thing and certain “common law” trademark rights may apply but the risks are not worth it. Instead, consider these benefits of trademarking your franchise so you have protection over your quick service restaurant’s brand and identity.

Nationwide Rights

Once your restaurant’s trademark is officially registered and your mark is in use, you as owner of that trademark have nationwide rights to it. This means that you do not have to clear your mark in other regions or states. This gives you free rein to expand your business without extra hassle.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office holds a database in which all registered trademarks are listed. This ensures that your trademark will not be taken. If someone else has a trademark similar to yours or the same one and they log in, they will see your trademark is registered already and has been taken. This database is used by all trademark attorneys to ensure client’s trademarks are cleared.

Make it Easier for Customers to Find You

Trademarks are a great way for your customers to distinguish your business from competitors. They are also excellent commercial communication tools, making your restaurant stand out.

Enable You to Effectively Use the Internet and Social Media to Your Advantage

Customers will see your brand first when searching for your products and services. This helps them to identify you better, gaining higher traffic for your business. Higher traffic on social media platforms and websites translates into higher rankings, which in turn brings in more traffic and brand recognition.

Overall, trademarks not only help to identify your business but they protect your business’s identity and help to make your franchise restaurant known.

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